Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Stop taking pictures! This is embarrassing."

I love to take pictures when we go on our outdoor adventures. I have more pictures and video of our dogs than I'd like to admit. We fish and hike and explore and it's fun, but eventually I find myself settling down on the sand or some rocks and watching the action from a camera lens.

I watch James fish. I watch the dogs run around sniffing and exploring. I keep an eye out for danger, like creepy spiders or rogue seagulls.

After a while, the dogs get tired and find their way to where I am. Ofelia will make herself comfortable somewhere behind me, trying to get out of the sun. Simón always climbs into my lap and sits happily there as I fawn over him and continue taking pictures.

Yesterday, we had one such outdoor adventure at Willard Bay. I promise my little Simón loves his mommy with all his heart, but these pictures will lead you to believe otherwise.

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